Because Your People Are the Bottom Line

Technologies, procedures, and competitors all change over time, and organizations and their members must adapt or be left behind. It is 2011 and business paradigms are shifting fast. Bottom line: Are your people ready? Your top-notch organizational learning team is the one to make your workforce comfortable, efficient navigators in this new world. Don't have one?

I have achieved seventeen years of professional success in training and development for organizations such as yours through a combination of innovative leadership, creative program development, and dynamic team building. My work has resulted in increased ROI and operational efficiency, high employee satisfaction, and energized, highly productive teams.

The broad-based experience I have gained from work in several industries lets me bring a diverse set of problem-solving skills to your table. Using solid project-management regimens, a soup-to-nuts approach, and ever-growing technological savvy, I have acquired a reputation as an effective training and development leader.

It's a career I'm proud of, and one in which I continue to grow. This website summarizes my work, not only in training and development but in writing, photography, and graphic arts as well--fields that continually exercise my skills in communication.

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